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If you are an avid cyclist, then chances are you have heard of helmet safety. Wearing a helmet can greatly reduce the risks you take when riding your bike. There are many types and styles of helmets available to choose from, so it can be a difficult decision to pick the one that is right for you. In addition, many states require that people wear a helmet to legally drive your vehicle. It’s important that you know how to properly care for and maintain your helmet to ensure maximum protection.

When you first buy your helmet, make sure to inspect it carefully. Check for any cracks, dings or other damage that may affect the integrity of the helmet. Also, check to make sure the straps hold tightly against your head and that they are comfortable. Any dings or cracks in the material on the inside of the helmet should be replaced immediately.

You should clean your helmet regularly to keep it in good condition. Before you wear it, always make sure to rinse off any sweat, oil or dirt from your face. This will prevent them from becoming too sticky, which can potentially come in contact with your brain if you take a fall. After you finish your workout, don’t forget to wash the rest of your body too; this includes your hands and arms. This goes for all gym equipment, so make sure you do the same for your helmet as well. Motorcycle helmets help to reduce the risk of a head injury by almost 70%

If you plan to go somewhere where your head may not be protected, like an indoor bike park, you should consider a visor. A helmet with a visor is designed to protect your eyes from the sun and any reflective surface. These are usually built into the helmet itself, or you can purchase separate pieces that will attach to the helmet. If you don’t already have a visor attached to your bike, it’s worth buying one to ensure your eyes don’t end up sun burned. Even if you rarely ride in such places, it never hurts to have a little extra protection for your face and your eyes.

It’s important to choose a helmet that fits you comfortably. You should measure your head over your eyebrows and grab the side of your helmet with your free hand. That should give you a fairly accurate figure of the size of your helmet. Don’t forget to include the strap on the back of your helmet for balance.

Once you have a size firmly fixed in mind, make sure you read the helmet label carefully. It should state what it covers and what it is made of. Steel wool should be used to remove any remaining paint that may remain on the helmet. If you’re buying a used helmet, check for signs of damage or cracks. You should also make sure the straps adjust properly and won’t bind in the wrong places.

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