How to Find the Best Manicure Tables for Your Nail Salon

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Manicure Tables are commonly used at salons and beauty clinics. The purpose of a manicure is to provide a person with a nice and smooth coat that can be kept longer using nail polish, oil or hand lotion. Manicure Tables can be made from a wide variety of materials such as acrylic, wood, stainless steel and chrome. Manicure tables can be designed in a way that they compliment the style of the room. Different types of tables include; vanity, armoire, corner, table top, and file cabinets.

Different styles of manicure tables exist, and they are usually separated by a barber stool, called the “bariat”. There are different manicure tables which have different designs, based on the size of the tables. Some examples are: nail tables which can accommodate up to two hundred and thirty three nails; tabletop which can accommodate up to nine inch nails; armoires which are huge and can accommodate one or two hundred and fifty nails; and pedestal which can be used without nails. Different styles of manicure tables have different features, such as: self-cleaning mechanism, humidity proof construction, spill proof, lightweight, built-in shelf for cosmetic case, and it has an under side or light which allows the user to see the nail bed. The size of a manicure table can vary from seven and a half inch, for small hands, or twenty four and a half inch, for medium sized hands. Tables with adjustable heights can be used for different sized hands.

Manicure nail tables are also known as manicure station, reception nail desk, or reception counter. Manicure stools are generally tall and narrow with two to three seats. One of the popular styles is the vanity-type which provides more space to accommodate larger manicures and can accommodate up to two hundred and fifty nails. The other popular style is the chair-back, which is taller than its tabletop and has a back rest for support and comfort. The most common material used in making these stools is wrought iron. You can find these at furniture stores.

The purpose of this work station is to provide comfort to the nail technician while at the same time providing convenience to the client. There are many factors which can influence your choice of work station. First of all, you must consider the space available in your work place. This will help you decide the size of the manicure tables. The nail technicians work for hours and days, and it is important that she/he can maintain her/his health while at work.

The materials used in making the manicure tables are made from different materials and should be chosen based on their durability and suitability to the surroundings. Steel is the most preferred material for making a nail table. The reason behind its popularity is that it is strong and light weight, which makes it easier to move from one place to another. A good quality steel table with wheels would make moving the manicure station much easier. Some manicurists like to use acrylics while working at their salon.

You must also take into account the storage capacity of the unit when buying Manicure Tables for your salon. A good quality Manicure Table should have ample storage capacity to store supplies and tools for the manicurist while at the same time enabling the client to access the nails salon. Most tables have drawers, shelves and cabinets above them, while some even come with cabinets under the seating. Some even come with a small counter, which enables the client to easily check the nails of their favorite manicurist. If you are looking for a unit which will provide you with ample storage space, then you can consider getting a Manicure Station. This type of unit is ideal for a nail salon as it not only provides storage space, but also enables you to move around without the assistance of others.

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