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Silk dresses are the best in comfort and style. For special occasions like weddings, proms or other important events where time is an issue, silk is an excellent choice. There are many advantages to wearing a long silk dress: they look elegant, will not wrinkle, and are very attractive. But before you wear a long silk dress, there are some things you must consider first. Here are some things you should know about how to care for your long silk gown.

First, always remember that silk is not a natural fabric, so it must be handled with care. It is best if you hang your dress up and allow it to air dry. It is also a good idea to hand wash it, as the steam can help remove dirt and wrinkles, which can leave your dress looking dull and unappealing. If you decide to dry clean your long silk dress, use only a mild detergent and do not machine wash, and try a gentle steamer to steam it instead.

Next, use a hairbrush to gently brush the nap of the dress and the sides. It is also a good idea to lightly iron the hem of the dress if you can. Silk is quite delicate, so it must be treated with care and attention. Do not neglect the braided areas as well, and keep the hemline smooth and straight.

If your dress gets wet, especially in the rain, do not get upset – this is normal. All dandruff is normal, and if you wash and dry the silk regularly, the damage to the silk is minor. If you feel that your silk is becoming damp in any particular area, take a towel, dampen it with a few drops of water, and dab a small section of the dress. Avoid rubbing the area around the stain. If you do so, the stain will spread and become much more noticeable.

If your dress is very heavy or it comes from a dry cleaner, choose silk with a natural sheen, and do not use harsh chemicals on it. Chemicals will only damage the silk. If you want to have the dress professionally cleaned (recommended by the dry cleaner), choose silk that is slightly more delicate and is machine washable. You can either choose dry cleaners that specialize in silk or choose dry cleaners that specialize in fabric cleaning only. You can get more information about silk kimono robe long

Choose a dry brush that are made specifically for silk, preferably one that has a handle and is designed to pick up the sheen of the material. A dry brush is especially useful if you want to steam your dress. Steam is beneficial because it removes excess water from your silk. A dry brush does not require a lot of steam and will give your dress that extra sheen that you are after.

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