Clinton Plumbing – Why Choose a Company With Clinton’s Approach to Commercial Plumbing?

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“For over fifteen years, The Clinton Maintenance & Plumbing team have worked hard to set the standard in plumbing service in the Houston area. “For many companies, our commitment to your plumbing is our number one reason to be in business,” says Richard C. Taylor, President and CEO of The Clinton Group of Companies. “We provide the tools and education needed to ensure a lasting, trouble-free connection and a competitive edge that will enable us to serve our clients with confidence and excellence. It’s our goal to continually push the bar higher while delivering the best possible customer experience to meet every need and exceed expectations.”

“I enjoy being a part of a company like The Clinton Group of Companies that offers such a high level of professionalism along with great customer service,” said John L. White, Ph.D., an award-winning plumber and consultant who has been a regular fixture in the Houston area since moving to be near the busy streets of Westheimer and Main Street in Houston. “As a long time resident of this area, I’ve observed both the quality of service and workmanship consistently exhibited by the plumbers and also the courtesy shown by the Clinton representatives. It’s always a pleasure working with someone who goes the extra mile for their clients.” Dr. White is currently serving as a life coach with a practice located in Houston, Texas.

“I’m happy to partner with anyone who is serious about their plumbing and strives to provide a professional, reliable solution,” said Danziger, a Clinton repair contractor and owner of Danziger & Sons, Inc. “My customers are always more than pleased with our workmanship and repairs, which have included everything from a residential jukebox to a commercial sump pump.” “I take great pride in being able to help my clients solve their plumbing and HVAC issues. Both the client’s happiness and my business success are tied together because the repair work is always a great value for both of us.”

Clinton plumbers can meet all the needs of their clients in both residential and commercial spaces. Clinton’s experienced team of plumbers and electricians uses state-of-the-art equipment to complete all types of repairs, from minor irrigation problems to full plumbing replacements. “We have a long list of satisfied customers who are happy with the excellent services we provide,” said Clinton’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Ronald Danziger. “A lot of plumbers will try to talk their way into a deal, but this is not what we do. Our team members are committed to ensuring a customer is completely satisfied with the work they do, and will work closely with their customer to resolve any plumbing or HVAC concerns they may have.”

“If a Clinton plumber is happy with the job they do, they come back for more,” said Danziger. “If a Clinton resident isn’t happy with the repair they have performed, they refer their case to another Clinton plumbing and HVAC expert.” Danziger continued, “When a Clinton plumber makes a referral to another company, the customer knows they are being treated with the utmost professionalism. It shows they care about the referrals they give and value the opinions of their clients.” If you or a Clinton plumber are unsatisfied with your current repair or plumbing situation, contact Clinton’s to discuss a free quote for your home’s heating, venting, or electrical system. You can get more information about Clinton Maintenance & Plumbing.

To ensure you are working with a company that practices ethical business practices, Clinton has a policy that all workers must sign. The policy also prohibits companies from requesting up front fees before performing work on your home. “If you ever feel uncomfortable about our workers and/or the company, do not hesitate to let us know,” said Danziger. “In fact, it’s illegal for us to do this and it would be unethical for us to engage in this behavior if we didn’t feel it was important to our customers. If you are unhappy with our work, let us know.”

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